Are you looking for an intensively nurturing product that nourishes hair weakened with coloring, stylization and the influence of external factors?

A unique composition of ingredients will allow you to observe spectacular effects after the first application. Your hair will regain its shine, beautiful gloss, hydration and perfect nutrition, and each subsequent use will strengthen the effects and strengthen your hair even more.

Properties of selected ingredients
A hair mask is an excellent composition for the sake of the health of your hair, combining the action of:

  • Natural Collagen stimulating and nourishing the hair follicle, improving their structure,
  • Keratin – the building material of the hair that provides external and internal regeneration,
  • Argan oil with smoothing, nourishing and protective properties,
  • Macadamia oil for flexibility, softness and ease of styling,
  • Provitamin B5 having a direct effect on the proper formation of the hair in the hair follicle.

Usage and advice
Apply the mask whenever you feel that your hair needs regeneration. Spread it over wet, drained hair and leave for a few to several minutes, then rinse with water.