Blue diamonds – very rare, the most desirable diamonds in the world … This is the BLUE DIAMOND CREAM – the latest achievement in skin revitalization that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The skin over the years, especially after the age of 40 produces less and less ceramides, as a result of which starts to lose water, the skin becomes thinner and less elastic, the keratosis process is disturbed. The consequence is that the skin ages faster.

The answer is BLUE DIAMOND CREAM, which contributes to complete skin renewal, lamellar restoration and protection against water loss. The new generation of liposomes contained in it, thanks to the use of penetration promoters, transport microparticles of the most modern ceramide and Q10 forms to skin cells. Due to the content of liposomes made in nano-technology, biologically active collagen and a whole range of other active ingredients, BLUE DIAMENT CREAM will help not only nourish the skin in every space, but also stimulate cells to multiply and normalize the processes of sebum secretion and building lameral layers.

Thanks to the innovative formula, we will achieve spectacular effects also on heavily dehydrated, dry and even cracked skin.