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A captivating product thanks to which you can see how perfectly helix of natural collagen is constructed and how to look after your skin perfectly.
A unique combination of three types of collagen enclosed in one unique cosmetic increasing the density and elasticity of the skin and effectively restraining running time.
Refined with silk proteins and colloidal gold to give the skin unbelievable smoothness and care for perfect hydration. Completed with an elegant and natural rose aroma.
Atelokolagen, is an exclusive care for the demanding recommended for the face, neck and cleavage.

Properties of selected ingredients
Tropokolagen – preserving the construction of a triple helix,
Atelocollagen – trispiral collagen treated with pepsin turns into the purest form and its form,
Prokolagen – peptide chains that will only become collagen in the process of its formation called collagenogenesis.
Sericin – liquid silk creates a delicate film on the skin surface and adheres exactly to it, prevents water loss, smoothes and reduces skin irregularities.
Nano colloidal gold, for even more intensive migration of active ingredients. Ingredient known for centuries of its rejuvenating effect and cleansing the skin.

The innovative combination of ingredients provides incredibly fast absorption of the product and effectively complements the deficiencies of collagen in the skin.